Samsung Galaxy Family Mendapatkan Update Android Pie

Seperti yang telah dijanjikan oleh Samsung bahwa smartphone Galaxy Family akhirnya mendapatkan update Android 9 atau lebih dikenal dengan codename Pie. Bila Anda pengguna SAmsung Galaxy S9 dan Note 9, maka Anda harus siap menyambungkan smartphone Anda ke jaringan Wifi untuk mendapatkan update tersebut karena update ini tergolong cukup besar, sekitar 1.530,75 MB. Bila Anda belum mendapatkan notifikasi update, maka Anda hanya perlu melakukan beberapa langkah mudah. Anda cukup membuka setting dengan cara melakukan slide pada layar dan Anda akan mendapatkan icon gear pada kanan atas layar.

Setelah masuk dalam layar setting, Anda hanya perlu scroll ke bawah dan mencari menu “software update” dan tinggal melakukan check pada menu tersebut. Setelah bagian itu Anda lakukan, maka smartphone akan melalukan checking ke server dan bila memang update telah tersedia maka Anda hanya perlu melakukan download untuk update.

Apa saja yang akan ter-update pada smartphone Galaxy Anda dapat dilihat pada halaman saat penawaran update diberikan. Dari beberapa komentar yang beredar di dunia maya, system operasi Anda akan lebih responsif, lebih hemat daya, icon baru yang membuat terlihat lebih fresh dan lain sebagainya.


Upgraded One UI for Android Pie

One UI brings you Android Pie, with exciting new features and a whole new look and feel based on feedback from users in Samsung and Google.
We recommend that you back up your important data to keep it safe before the upgrade.
Some apps, including Calculator, Samsung Internet, Samsung Health, Samsung Notes, Samsung Members, and Samsung Pay, need to be updated individually after you update your OS.
Here’s what’s new.

One UI
– Content, settings, and other information have been reorganized to keep you focused on the task at hand.
– Interactive elements have been moved to the bottom of the screen so they’re always within reach.
– New designs and features such as Night mode help keep your eyes comfortable.

– You can reply to messages directly in the notification panel.
– Image thumbnails are included in message notifications.
– In an app’s notification settings, tap the switch once to turn on or off all the notifications in a category.

Samsung Keyboard
– New Unicode 11.0 emojis are available.
– New adaptive theme changes your keyboard look based on the colors of the surrounding app.
– Floating keyboard is available in all apps and has new size and transparency settings.
– You can set a custom touch and hold delay.

Device care (formerly Device maintenance)
– Performance modes are streamlined and integrated into power saving modes.
– The Edge panel for device maintenance is discontinued.

Always On Display
– New clock styles have been added, including the option to show a calendar with your schedule.
– Charging information has been added to let you know how much time is remaining until fully charged.
– You can show Always On Display whenever the screen is off, or you can set it to show for 30 seconds when you tap the screen.

– Menus have been reorganized to make settings easier to find.

Samsung DeX
– Continue using your phone while DeX is being displayed on a monitor or TV.
– Use Samsung DeX with supported HDMI adapters. No need for a DeX Station.

– Bixby is all new, with a range of improvements and new features.
– Swipe left from the main Bixby screen to explore the latest features and supported apps.
– You can control the Bixby key in settings to decide what happens when you press or double press.

– You can now sort your call history by incoming and outgoing calls.
– Your call history can include up to 2000 entries (increased from 500 entries).

– The new drawer menu makes it easier to manage contacts from various accounts.

– The new Scene optimizer automatically enhances the camera’s color settings to fit the scene.

– Photo Editor Pro’s editing tools have been added to Gallery, so you can make all your edits and touchups without leaving the app.

My Files
– The new storage analysis tool has been added to help you monitor your storage usage and save space.
– You can now show or hide items on the My Files Home screen.

Samsung Health
– Your daily step count will be shown in the notification panel. To hide it, press and hold the notification, then turn off Current steps.

Other improvements and changes
– Turn on the screen automatically whenever you pick up your phone using the Lift to wake feature.
– Access Kids Home on the quick panel.
– Call stickers has been discontinued.
– HEIF images are now supported.a

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  1. Update android pie ini sudah ada di vendor smartphone Xiaomi A2 yang lebih dulu dibandingkan Samsung, Namun apakah selanjutnya sistem operasi Android tetap akan unggul dibanding kompetitornya yakni iOS dari Apple?

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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